Balchik – northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

This northerly seaside village is about 40km north of Varna, and has become a highly favoured destination for property-hunters. By reputation it is a location beloved by artists and, as one of the breeziest parts of the Black Sea, is a favoured haunt of sailors. The new harbour development is now under way, with moorings and seafront apartments.

The Northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

The dramatic cliffs of Cape Kaliakra provide one of the Black Sea’s prettiest and most remote beach resorts. This region is less developed than Sunny Beach and Golden Sands to the south, but it attracts nature-lovers to the Kaliakra National Park, the only coastal national park in Bulgaria.

Where people buy property in Bulgaria and why

Bulgaria does not have such a strong regional tradition as England or Ireland. The Ottoman Empire divided the country into areas (vilyets) based around regional governors, and to some extent these remain the regional divisions today. The official regions are geographical and administrative rather than culturally different.

Deciding in which region to buy property in Bulgaria

If you just stick to one area you may miss out on something which you would! have preferred if you had taken the time to visit it sooner. There are Brits who live in remote regions in Bulgaria who wonder why they did not buy a similar property just a few kilometres away in a less isolated location.

Knowing where to buy Bulgarian property

Prices vary widely across Bulgaria, and in the current market they are subjec to great change: quarterly increases were between 9 and 16 per cent for the first quarter of 2007.

Buying a Property in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in some ways unique in this series. It has been written by two British people who have lived and worked in Bulgaria for the past nine years. Both have been closely involved with the property business, as buyers, sellers and developers, as well as setting up the first British estate agency.

Bulgarian property market

The rise of the Bulgarian property market has been one of the most remarkable real estate phenomena ofthe past few has come about for two reasons – the collapse of Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, and the massive growth in the overseas property market

Bulgarian company re registration

Re registration of companies registered in Republic of Bulgaria under the New Law for the Commercial Register

Under the new Law all companies, and branches of foreign companies listed in the commercial register must be re – registered within three years starting from 01.01.2007 on at the
Registry Agency in Bulgaria.

Administrative Regions in Bulgaria and the Structure of Government

The country is divided into 28 districts for administrative purposes. A district, or region normally consists of a regional town and the countryside. Districts have a regional governor as well as a local mayor who runs the municipality.

Bulgarian Citizenship

Many people confuse the issue of residence with that of citizenship. If you obtain Bulgarian residence you are still entitled to your British passport and are indeed considered a British national. If you wish to obtain full Bulgarian nationality you may apply to do so but there are limited benefits in doing