Different Types of Bulgarian Properties

There are two broad definitions of land in Bulgaria: unregulated and regulated. Unregulated land is land that has strict control over its use and what can be built on it. In most cases unregulated land is used for agricultural purposes, and only buildings associated with this sector are permitted to be built. It is possible to change the status of unregulated land, but the process is complex and takes up to ю months to complete. An EU citizen or company is now permitted to own agricultural land as long as they are agricultural producers and are carrying out agricultural activities.

Add children to the Notary deed of your Bulgarian Property

You may be considering adding your children as co-owners of your property in Bulgaria at the time of purchase, to save inheritance tax when you die. On your death you would only own, say, one-fifth of the property rather than one half, and only that part will be taxable. This only works sensibly if they are over 18. Of course there are drawbacks.