Hotel for Sale

At BestBGProperties we are proud to offer you this excellent hotel in the town of Aheloy, near the city of Bulgas and the Sunny beach resort. The hotel is situated on the first line to the sea and has great sea panorama. If you are looking for a commercial property in Bulgaria, this is your […]

Cheapest property offers in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not a large country, but has diverse landscape. There are high mountains and sea beaches, there are rivers and lakes and large valleys. The properties, which are most attractive to property investors are in the regions, which have developed tourism sector – these are mainly the ski and beach resorts. But, apart from […]

New properties for sale – Sept 24, 2007

This week we are able to offer you over 25 new properties in Bulgaria for sale at Best Bulgarian Properties! Cheap Bulgarian Properties If you are looking for an investment in Bulgarian property and you do not want to spend a lot of cash on it, we recommend you this very cheap house with a […]

This Week’s New Additions at BestBGProperties

This week there are over 20 new excellent properties at BestBGProperties.

Cheapest Property Offers

The cheapest offer at BestBGProperties is a house near Montana. The house is located in a Montana village and its price is only €11,900. The house is built on two floors and features a garden of 2000 sq m. The property has approx. 85 sq.m of living area, distributed between a ground and attic floor.