The Media in Bulgaria

Television in Bulgaria

There are currently three terrestrial television channels in Bulgaria, all broadcasting in Bulgarian; to watch English-language programs you will have to install either cable or satellite TV. There are normally several cable providers in any one area but only two national satellite providers iTV partner and BulsatCom. Cable is cheaper to install than satellite, but neither should cost more than 145 leva (£70) for installation. The monthly cost is 11-40 leva (£5-18) depending on which package of channels you choose, with satellite slightly more expensive but having a larger selection of channels. Included in any basic package are CNN, Euronews, Eurosports, Hallmark, MTV, Discovery and Animal Planet. More expensive packages include movie channels such as HBO (in English) and extra sports channels.

Telecommunications in Bulgaria

Telephones in Bulgaria

The main telephone service provider in Bulgaria is BTC , although in Sofia and some other large cities there are other suppliers of telecom services, such as Orbitel. You can also subscribe to telephone services through the cable TV network.

In Bulgaria a telephone line and number is associated with a particular person living at a specific address. When you buy a property in Bulgaria the seller will either discontinue the number or move it with them to a new address, leaving you to apply to

Utilities in Bulgaria

Gas supply in Bulgaria

Bulgaria imports nearly all its gas from Russia. The network is limited but expanding, with the cost of piped gas lower than that of electricity. In rural areas some people still use gas bottles for heating and cooking purposes. Bottles can be purchased and refilled at petrol stations, or delivered directly from the suppliers.

As with electricity bills, you should ensure all existing bills are paid before completion of your property deal. To register a new name on the bills, the same general guidelines obtain as for electricity.

Electricity in Bulgaria, electricity bills in Bulgaria

For many years electricity in Bulgaria was supplied by the state. To meet EU competition requirements, the market has now been privatised, although this has increased prices rather than reduced them as in other countries, because under state provision prices were heavily subsidised.

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