Value Added Tax in Bulgaria

The current rate of VAT in Bulgaria is 20 per cent. If you buy a property as an individual or as a company from a VAT-registered company,you will have to pay 20 per cent VAT. The seller then passes on this VAT to the government.

VAT Registration
Companies are obliged to register for VAT if the value of their sales is equal to or exceeds 50,000 leva (around €25,500) in any period not exceeding 12 months. You can also choose to register for VAT even if you have no revenue at the time of registration.

Taxes Payable in Bulgaria

A lot of people who live in Bulgaria and who are legally obliged to pay tax there simply do not do so. A lot of people who do not live in Bulgaria but who are obliged to pay taxes to the Bulgarian government because they have, for example, let out their home in Bulgaria also do not pay tax to the government in Bulgaria. If they do not pay taxes in Bulgaria they usually also fail to pay the taxes they owe in Britain or wherever else they live.