Making an Offer when buying a property in Bulgaria

In our experience, about 20 per cent of property deals fall through. This can be for various reasons, such as the seller changing their mind or there being legal problems or a bad survey. It is always worthwhile when house hunting in Bulgaria to bear this in mind and have a second-option property to buy. It will also help with the negotiations for your preferred house.

Bulgarian property prices and agent fees

Interpretation and Translations

If it’s your first time using interpreters, it can be a slightly confusing experience. First be aware that it’s a hell of a tough job to stand between two people and communicate between them. No doubt you’ll have lots of questions, but try and keep them brief and to the point. Avoid colloquial English, which is unlikely to be taught in schools abroad. Remember that English when taught abroad is normally of the BBC English variety so if you happen to be the owner of a strong regional accent (especially Scottish) it is