Newly built house for sale near Veliko Tarnovo

Price Euro: €90,000 Area: 2 Floors Plot Size: 500m2 Location: In Fishing Area, In Hunting Area, Near mountain, Near town. This is a lovely traditional style house located in the charming area of Veliko Turnovo. The property benefits from it’s proximity to the historical town – only 9 km away from it. The house is three storey with total […]

The Ethics of Second Homes

The possibility of owning a second home raises concerns for the ethical and green investor, and there are good, sound moral and business reasons for understandingthe wider social and environmental impacts of home ownership in Bulgaria. There are three main areas of concern which crop up most frequently: •  Do foreign buyers push up prices […]

Keeping an Open Mind

If you last came to Bulgaria on a school ski trip under Communism and are thinking of returning,you will be pleasantly surprised at the improved service-but perhaps taken aback by the rate of construction at the hotspots, such as Banskoin the Pirin mountains or at certain sites along the Black Sea.The development wave is now […]

Great vacation property near Sandanski

District: Sandanski Price Euro: €49,700 Area: 1 Floor And A Basement Plot Size: 10,000m2 Extras: Water, Telephone, Electricity Location: In Fishing Area, In Hunting Area, In The Countryside, In The Mountains, In vacation Place, Near ski resort, Near town. This is the offer!!!! 10000 (ten thousand) sq m of land, located in a corner of […]

Other Things to Consider as a property owner

Short-stay visitors to a country don’t always see the whole picture, and indeed they don’t need to. Even those who have lived in Bulgaria for a while will continue to learn new things about the place and its people, and that is one of the enjoyable things about a new country.

A Changing Bulgaria

Bulgaria has gone through a great transition since the end of Communism in 1989, known locally as ‘the Changes’. Since ‘the Changes’, people in the new democratic society have been debating what from the past they should retain, and what they should discard. Many of ‘the Changes’ were conditional for EU accession. They included a move from a state-run economy to one that respects free trade and private enterprise.