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If you last came to Bulgaria on a school ski trip under Communism and are thinking of returning,you will be pleasantly surprised at the improved service-but perhaps taken aback by the rate of construction at the hotspots, such as Banskoin the Pirin mountains or at certain sites along the Black Sea.The development wave is now coming under stricter control, being subject to EU rules on the protection of the natural environment, but it will take some time before the cranes and building sites disappear.

rila mountain bulgaria
Some other aspects of the Bulgarian way of life may also take you aback. Picture-postcard scenes of villages, wooded slopes and beautiful wood and stone houses are common. But immediately adjacent to a lovely rustic cottage can be an ugly building made of concrete, with PVC windows and an appalling finish of rough grey cement. Bulgarian village-dwellers are practical by nature and will not always share the aesthetic sense of the foreign property-buyer. On the edge of villages you may come across old mattresses, household rubbish and other junk, literally thrown from the back of a car or trailer. Some attempts are being made to address such problems, but, until the local municipalities have the resources to set up proper waste facilities, disposing of rubbish in a nearby forest is the easiest and cheapest option.

Fortunately, the average Bulgarian family produces a lot of its own food, and consumes less durable goods, therefore relying less on disposable waste and packaging than is common in the UK. Indeed the average Bulgarian household has a significantly lower carbon footprint than its western counterpart.

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