Other Things to Consider as a property owner

Short-stay visitors to a country don’t always see the whole picture, and indeed they don’t need to. Even those who have lived in Bulgaria for a while will continue to learn new things about the place and its people, and that is one of the enjoyable things about a new country.

But if you are planning to live in Bulgaria you may find that some of the characteristics that delighted you as a visitor-the laid-back attitudes, and the very relaxed concept of timekeeping – may infuriate you as a house-renovator or small business reliant on others for supplies.

bulgarian house renovation

It can often seem that Bulgarians don’t like to admit they can’t do something. Local builders have great faith that everything will turn out all right  at the end.

The added barriers of language mean that local workmen may avoid lengthy explanations, and just give short answers.

This tends to leave the customer a little confused. The advice is to go with the flow. Tradesmen (they will always be men) will promise to do something, and when the work is started lots of unforeseen problems will crop up.This is normal in renovation work, but the local solutions may not always meet your own taste, so you need to keep on top of work much more than you would at home. For example, I have seen builders simply change the colour of tiles when the ones ordered by the client were not in stock that day.The final result may also take longer than expected.

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