Cheapest property offers in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not a large country, but has diverse landscape. There are high mountains and sea beaches, there are rivers and lakes and large valleys. The properties, which are most attractive to property investors are in the regions, which have developed tourism sector – these are mainly the ski and beach resorts. But, apart from them, there are lots of other choices of real estate property, such as houses in Bulgaria, located in the Central part of the country. These properties still keep low prices and are an excellent investment because of their beautiful views and surroundings, large courtyards and wonderful weather.

rural house in Bulgaria

rural house for sale in Bulgaria

The Central Bulgaria region has similar nature as the Lake district in the UK. The difference is in the better climate, which Bulgaria has – the sunny days are three times more than in the UK and the average yearly temperature are nearly 10 degrees higher. Here you can find affordable houses at prices lower than 10,000 Euro:

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