Bulgarian Citizenship

Many people confuse the issue of residence with that of citizenship. If you obtain Bulgarian residence you are still entitled to your British passport and are indeed considered a British national. If you wish to obtain full Bulgarian nationality you may apply to do so but there are limited benefits in doing so now that Bulgaria has joined the EU.

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Bulgarian citizenship has become much sought-after in recent years since the country entered the EU. Thousands of citizens of Macedonia and Serbia have been applying for EU citizenship on the basis of distant family connections, and Moldavians have done the same with Romanian citizenship. Both countries will have to wait some time to join the EU, so a Bulgarian passport is now a prized item in some parts of the world.
For the average British or other EU citizen, however, Bulgarian citizenship w°uld not convey any distinct advantages. Being a Bulgarian citizen would provide the advantage of being able to own property outright, but this will be provided for all EU citizens by 2010. In the meantime setting up a limited c°mpany may be preferable to serving time in the Presidential Guard!
Also bear in mind that if you retain dual nationality the British Embassy may iniited in the assistance it can provide, if you are in the country in which you n°ld your second nationality.

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