Bulgaria – Like Spain 30 Years Ago?

Before one of my recent trips to Bulgaria, I was surfing the net for information about the country in general. I came across a line on a property website that claimed Bulgaria is like Spain 30 years ago. It set me thinking When I was in my early teens I travelled across Europe with my […]

Summer Months Are The Perfect Time To Bag A Bulgarian Ski Bargain

If you were selling a convertible car the perfect time to sell would be the summer, right? The blue skies and blazing sun would allow you to get the best possible price. If you were buying a convertible car, on the other hand, the best time to buy is the winter. When the skies are […]

Apartments for sale In Sozopol

The complex inculcates 30 apartments distributed between two attached three-storey buildings A and B. There are studios and one-bedroom apartments from 38.43 sq m to 106.97 sq m. The building is equipped with: * Pool * Bar * Parking * Green areas All the apartments are luxuriously fitted with: * Water-heater * Cable TV and […]

Tourism in Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia is located in the Sofia valley, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain (2280 m). The town occurred in the 8th c. B.C. around a mineral spring, which is now in the centre of the city. “Ever Growing, Never Aging” is its motto and since 1879 Sofia has been the capital of Bulgaria. Over 250 […]

Frequently Asked Questions Abut Bulgarian Property

Bulgaria is situated in Eastern Europe. Its about half the size of England and in oblong shape. The River Danube runs along the top of the country, from west to east. This is also the border with Romania. The right hand side of the country is bordered by the beautiful Black sea. To the south […]

Bulgaria Accession in the EU

Bulgaria will join the European Union in the First of January 2007, and is on its way to turn into the Riviera on the Balkans. The improved economic conditions, political and social stability in Bulgaria over the last 3 years brought to a real boom of the prices of property in Bulgaria. Other important factor […]

Property Investment Bulgaria – Recent Trends

Bulgaria is currently the hotspot of property investors with its post-communist era market policies coupled with the beautiful coastal scenario and wonderful weather. The living cost is one of the lowest in Europe which gives the foreign tourists to buy property at reasonable prices. Property investments in Bulgaria show a record increase in sale mainly […]

Summer Holidays in Bansko, Bulgaria

Yes, Bansko is known for the its skiing. People flock to the area from all over Europe to enjoy the new facilities and the ideal ski conditions. But what about the summer? Well, summer holidaying in Bansko is also fun. There are plenty of things to do in the mountains and in the town itself […]

Bulgarian Properties – Guaranteeing Unbelievable Profit Potential Now Since Inclusion into the EU

On Tuesday 26th September 2006, the official announcement finally came guaranteeing Bulgaria into the European Union as of January 2007. This is fantastic news for the cheap Bulgarian property investor as this almost guarantees amazing profit potential return on any property bought now in Bulgaria and sold on in the next year or so. Inward […]

Bulgaria the Unbelievable Overseas Property Investment

Im sure by reading the title of this article your probably saying to yourself “just another con to make me part with my hard earnt money”. Well if you dont believe me then just read the facts about this amazing overseas property investment oppurtunity open to everyone. The country i am talking about here is […]