Property Investment Bulgaria – Recent Trends

Bulgaria is currently the hotspot of property investors with its post-communist era market policies coupled with the beautiful coastal scenario and wonderful weather.

The living cost is one of the lowest in Europe which gives the foreign tourists to buy property at reasonable prices. Property investments in Bulgaria show a record increase in sale mainly because of the steady inflow of tourists which guarantee rental returns on property. Payment plans are also attractive and assures you easy purchase.
bulgaria mountains
There is significant rise in the price of real estate property over the past few years following the steady increase in demand. As the economy head towards more positive trends, individual property investment has become ever more lucrative.

After its imminent inclusion in the European Union and the investor friendly market trends, property investments in Bulgaria will continue to become increasingly popular amongst the other European countries.

Research shows that buyers from the UK rank highest in purchasing immovable property in Bulgaria and this trend will reach almost a peak by 2016. The French, Russian, Swiss property investors are also not far away with their keen interest in investing in second homes in the country.

The government is also trying to boost foreign property investments in Bulgaria by endeavoring to mete out the same treatment to other European and American companies like those of their country who are investing.

The seascape against the Black Sea and the natural beauty of the region has added more worth and value to property investments in Bulgaria. The weather makes it convenient to invest in beach and ski resorts. The villas, castles and stone houses in the country give you a flavor of the region along with lucrative property investment!

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