Bulgarian Property Guide

Bulgaria has attracted a lot of attention over the last two years, as foreign buyers and investors flock to its emerging property market. In 2004, foreigners invested over Euro 500 million in Bulgarian property, compared to Euro 98 million in 2003. Frequently listed in the top 20 places to buy a foreign property, Bulgaria is […]

Bulgaria The Traditional Tourism Trail

While many tourists visit Bulgaria for the sun and sand on the Black Sea coast there are also many tourists who would love to come in land and see the historical, more traditional aspects of this wonderful country. Bulgaria has some of the oldest towns and cities in Europe with many beautiful architectural monuments of […]

Property Investments Bulgaria: Drawing the Lion”s Share of Speculative Investment Market

354km of Black Sea coastline, to 37,000km of hiking paths in the mountains, to a ski scene that rivals the Alps in beauty whilst being far cheaper, is enough to draw property investment in Bulgaria, for residential and speculative purpose alike. Moreover Bulgaria has one of the most rapidly developing economies in Europe. 4.7% increase […]