Bulgaria Property Investing – The Way Forward?

Anyone with any interest in property investment abroad would have been hard pushed not to have heard about the potential growth area of Bulgaria. During the last 12 months, property prices have risen, on average, by around 25 percent. But remember, this is an average and some savvy investors have achieved a gain of 100 […]

Properties in Bulgaria

What to expect with Bulgaria joining the EU in the field of real estates? This and many other questions every investor interested in Bulgarian property market begins to give on the brink of the accepting of Bulgaria in the European Union on the eve of 2007. Buyers, on one hand hurried up to put in […]

Property Investment Bulgaria – Recent Trends

Bulgaria is currently the hotspot of property investors with its post-communist era market policies coupled with the beautiful coastal scenario and wonderful weather. The living cost is one of the lowest in Europe which gives the foreign tourists to buy property at reasonable prices. Property investments in Bulgaria show a record increase in sale mainly […]