Bulgaria Property Market – Are The Renting Options Viable And Realistic?

While buying property for sale in Bulgaria, and especially when it comes to brand new developments, often marketed off-plan, most British investors are “seduced” by the rent out options of 8-10% annually. The truth, however, is yet to be discovered as few Bulgaria property developments can actually boast realistically such percentages, the majority still being […]

Bulgaria – Smal country with big opportunities

One can describe many things as big-small. Actually, big-small is something small that has the characteristics of something much bigger than itself. And with that in mind, I come to think of Bulgaria. I am sure that many of you who read this have heard of this country and will ask “Why is Bulgaria a […]

Properties in Bulgaria

What to expect with Bulgaria joining the EU in the field of real estates? This and many other questions every investor interested in Bulgarian property market begins to give on the brink of the accepting of Bulgaria in the European Union on the eve of 2007. Buyers, on one hand hurried up to put in […]