Cheap Bulgarian Property

If you have heard about the current Bulgarian property boom then you might be wondering is this just a seasonal profit making venture or an all year round strong investment. Even in wintertime, Bulgarian properties are still selling at a furious rate which most property experts predicated would never happen and claimed the Bulgarian property […]

Make big profit from the Bulgarian Property Boom

Everyone is always looking for an easy way to make serious money but little succeed. To make serious money from small financial investments takes lots of knowledge, experience and pure luck to make wealth. One sure fire way of making serious profit is property investment but before you click away thinking you know all there […]

Pay back your mortgage in less than a year with cheap Bulgarian property

Have you ever dreamed of being able to pay off your mortgage early, even in one year? If so, then reading this article may just turn your dreams into reality. For 6000 you will still be able to purchase a good sized house with land attached in Bulgaria which can be renovated utilising the amazingly […]

Bulgarian Market Slows But Prospects Good

New research from a leading British property investment firm suggests that property price increases in Bulgaria have slowed. The report by UK-based Assetz shows annual price rises dropped from a nationwide average of 36% in 2005 to 17.8% for the same period this year. The company partly attributed this to an over-supply of new properties […]