Pay back your mortgage in less than a year with cheap Bulgarian property

Have you ever dreamed of being able to pay off your mortgage early, even in one year? If so, then reading this article may just turn your dreams into reality.

For 6000 you will still be able to purchase a good sized house with land attached in Bulgaria which can be renovated utilising the amazingly cheap Bulgarian labour force for a small amount of money and resold on the open property market for up to 50,000 in only short amount of time. If you were to buy two similar properties and renovate them, you could be looking at nearly 100,000 profit in less than a year.

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This exciting profitable venture was recently broadcasted on a popular television programme called buying property abroad which followed a uk investor who bought three properties,renovated them and made an astonishing 130,000 profit in less than a year.

Seek out Cheap Bulgarian Property

The Bulgarian property market is now reachable by using many of the reputable online Bulgarian property websites to seek out property bargains. Bulgarian property can be purchased for as little as 6,000 at present but with all property markets, a sudden interest in overseas investment tends to push property prices sky high so it is recommended to do your research now before it might be too late and prices rise.

Purchase a Bulgarian Property

Once you found a cheap Bulgarian property, set up viewings with the estate agents of choice on any selected properties in your interest. This will obviously mean that you may want to visit Bulgaria but if you dont want to, then the whole process of purchasing a cheap Bulgarian property can all be done by email via the agents. All property agents can arrange any works required on your property for you by using good reputable bulgarian builders,they will do the hard work for you for no extra cost as you have purchased the property through them. All you will need to do is send the agents a deposit which will be in the region of 5% of the total purchase price and your property will be removed from the market and reserved under your name.

Engage the services of a Bulgarian Property Lawyer

As with all property purchases at home or abroad, we would recommend strongly you always engage the services of a reputable Bulgarian property lawyer to deal with your legal property purchase. Properties other than apartments will require you under Bulgarian law to set up a Limited company in your name so you can officially purchase the land the property sits on. This will cost in the region of 500 including all legal services. This is essential as the property deeds and relevant searches will be preformed to ensure the property you wish to buy is legally correct.

Sell on your property

Selling your property is much easier then purchasing a property in Bulgaria. The estate agent you purchased from will sell your property for you using the internet to reach foreign investors. The buyer pays all estate agents costs involved in the transaction. So 100% profit goes straight into your pocket from the sale. If you want to make even more profit then maybe consider renting your property which will bring in a regular income and then sell in a few years time when you can even more maximum profit.

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