Property Investments Bulgaria: Drawing the Lion”s Share of Speculative Investment Market

354km of Black Sea coastline, to 37,000km of hiking paths in the mountains, to a ski scene that rivals the Alps in beauty whilst being far cheaper, is enough to draw property investment in Bulgaria, for residential and speculative purpose alike. Moreover Bulgaria has one of the most rapidly developing economies in Europe.

4.7% increase in the housing prices in a single quarter is self-conclusive of the fact that Bulgaria is a hotspot now. Many of the property investors in Bulgaria have made up to 120% of profit within a span of two years, and properties as a whole has drawn double the investments in the last one and a half year.

Tourism is boosting the property investments in Bulgaria.
bansko ski resortThe ski resorts of Bansko and Borovets continue to draw a huge amount of interest from property seekers, as it is speculated that the tourism is going to increase 7.5 folds within the next 4 years. This has prompted to significant construction projects now underway to accommodate the demand.

Investing in property in Bulgaria.

Buying a property in Bulgaria is not a very complicated issue. Once the property is decided, good property agents take care of securing the property exclusively for you after the signing of the preliminary generally of sale with the agent and payment of ten percent.

Signing the notary act can be organized in Bulgaria or even can be done in the Bulgarian embassy in London in front of a Bulgarian notary. In cases of planned developments, the final notary is signed only after the completion of the construction of the building.

Property investment in Bulgaria has been analyzed and recommended profitable by many well-known organizations. Bulgaria was declared top overseas property hotspot in a London consultancy ranking that compared the total return on cash in real estate markets.

Submitted by: Moutushi Banerjee

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