Bulgaria the Unbelievable Overseas Property Investment

Im sure by reading the title of this article your probably saying to yourself “just another con to make me part with my hard earnt money”. Well if you dont believe me then just read the facts about this amazing overseas property investment oppurtunity open to everyone.
bulgaria mountains landscapeThe country i am talking about here is the European state of Bulgaria. Bulgaria only twenty years ago was behind the Iron curtain of Russia.The country was of poor economic stability, little overseas investment with many people living in poor condfitions throughout this beautiful country.

Twenty years on Bulgaria is fast becoming the quickest developing european country in the world. The cost of living in Bulgaria is extremely low compared with the UK and especially London. Restaurant meals can be purchased for the equivalent of a few pounds and Bulgaria is expected to become a popular budget holiday location as more and more airlines offer direct flights. British Airways now flies direct from Gatwick from only 75 return including taxes, although most investors are eagerly waiting the entry of easyJet and Ryanair which will happen in 2007.

Cheap Bulgarian Property prices can start from as little as 4,000 for a modest sized house with 500sq M of land attached.

Bulgaria and cheap Bulgarian propertys are being hailed as the new Spain by property investment experts. Spain was under developed just like Bulgaria Fifteen years ago. Once investment started in the country’s infrastructure, Many English, European & American holiday makers flocked there in their Thousands searching for sun and cheap propertys to invest in.

If you look today for an apartment on the coast of Spain, you would have to spend an average of 110,000 upwards. The same equivalent apartment on the Bulgarian coast today will cost you 15,000. The investment potential is amazing for anyone willing to keep their Bulgarian Propertys for a number of years will look to profit considerably.

Cheap Bulgarian Property is so affordable at the moment that any one visiting the country with a Credit card can become the proud owner of Bulgarian Propertys.

With the inclusion into the EU in 2007 Bulgaria will no dought follow the same direction that other European countries have since joining the European Union with amazing growths in economic stability,employment and overseas investment in production and exportation which will result in Bulgaria becoming one of Europe’s most profitable countries in the near future.

Bulgarian propertys will be one of the top property markets in Europe during 2006 / 2007. Currently, in the European market, Bulgaria is the current hotspot with an average growth rate of 30% with the cheapest property prices in the EU. There are several other countries in the EU, which attract foreign investment for a variety of reasons. None, however, can rival the sheer number of factors, which makes Bulgaria an irresistible, safe location for your investment capital.

Bulgaria boasts the amazing Black Sea cost with at one point on the coast a strip of beach 8km long. Resorts such as Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and other resorts attracting thousands more year on year holiday makers looking for a cheap sun drenched holiday. The summer season boasts an amazing five-six months of sun with temperatures ranging from 75-110 degrees in peak summer.

With all this in mind, can you really afford to miss out on the last affordable country in Europe to purchase your dream holiday home or sound investment for you and your families future.

Submitted by: Andrew Herbert

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