Strategy for Stable Development on the Black Sea Coast

There already are new Genral Regulations Plans of the Black Sea Municipalities and the time scale for them to be executed is 2 years. The Genral Regulations Plans for Pomorie and Primorsko are about to be voted. So are the plans for Sozopol, Tsarevo and Shabla. They are still working on the plans that have […]

One bedroom apartments far from the center and luxurious homes outside the city

The preferences of the clients are relocated into homes and offices far from the center of the big cities. The overbuilding of the central parts in the big cities brought certain loss of interest from the candidates to own real estates. At the same time the interest in the peripheral parts of the city has become bigger.

Orchid Developments Group is ‘Investor of the Year’

Orchid Developments Group won the award for an investor of the year in the building business. The prestigious award was accepted by the project advisor Eli Egozi during the ceremony for “Person of the year”. “We are very happy for this acknowledgment”, shared Eli Egozi and she didn`t hide the fact that they have intentions […]

Building with Sea-sand is dangerous

 The usage of sea sand for building purposes is dangerous! The usage of sea sand for building purposes is dangerous! This was announced by experts, after it came clear the material has been used by the developers building vacation complexes on the Black Sea coast. There were more than 100 fines given for similar irregularities […]