Strategy for Stable Development on the Black Sea Coast

There already are new Genral Regulations Plans of the Black Sea Municipalities and the time scale for them to be executed is 2 years. The Genral Regulations Plans for Pomorie and Primorsko are about to be voted. So are the plans for Sozopol, Tsarevo and Shabla. They are still working on the plans that have to be voted for Varna and Bourgas.


A reason for the storming urbanization so far on the Bulgarian coast is the slowing of the vote of the new law for regulations on the Black Sea coast. This is the opinion of architect Lidia Stankova who is in charge of “Regulations of the Territory”.
In April in Varna there was a conference and some of the guests were experts from the Dutch Ministry of Residential Policy, also representatives of the local authorities and councils of the municipalities of Varna, Bourgas, Dobrich and the municipalities south from Bourgas. The discussions were pointed at creating a strategy for stable development of the black Sea side. For example Holand is trying to get back as much as possible land by the sea in order to help the preservation of the nature to reduce the building work by the sea. This experience can be applied in Bulgaria.
In the strategy for development presented like part of the Bulgarian- Dutch project “My town” is planned that the Varna Harbor after all changes will be the main factor that will turn the city into the Seaside capital of Bulgaria in 2030. The project plans the building of a whole complex of tourist areas and areas for goods which will offer the opportunity to get more goods, favors, yachts and by that the Varna Harbor will turn into a core for the development of industry and tourism, which can be serious competition for the harbor in Kontantza.

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