One bedroom apartments far from the center and luxurious homes outside the city

The preferences of the clients are relocated into homes and offices far from the center of the big cities. The overbuilding of the central parts in the big cities brought certain loss of interest from the candidates to own real estates. At the same time the interest in the peripheral parts of the city has become bigger.


It did not stay unnoticed that there is a tendency to equal the prices of the new and the old developments as well as there is bigger interest to smaller homes. Another area of interest lately is the renting of offices in newly built multifunctional buildings on “Okolovrasten Pat” road (the Sofia ring road) and “Simeonovsko Shose” Road in Sofia.

Investors are also turning heads towards investing in developments in the skirts of the big cities or the closest other settlements. Example for this is the interest in building in Mladost 4 district in the capital, where after finishing the metro station all problems with the long distance to the center and the western parts will be solved. The same tendency is noticeable in other big cities in the country. The interest in Plovdiv is mainly into residential complexes in the districts of Komatevo and Ostromila but for building houses – the preference is to the nearest villages not more than 20 km far- Brestnik, Parvenets, Belasitsa and Markovo.

In Varna the preferences are for Troshevo, Vinitsa, Mladost and Vazrajdane districts and in Bourgas – Sarafovo and Meden Rudnik districts. According to the statistics the biggest number of building permissions has been obtained in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas, where for the past few years grew the offering of luxurious homes in closed complex type, with well maintained inner infrastructure. On the other hand the preferences of the clients looking for homes in the cities are for 1 bedroom apartments – about 47 % of all enquiries for real estate.

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