Bansko ski resort

Bansko is probably the most talked about of all the ski resorts in Bulgaria and the best known in the western press. It was once a small and attractive village of stone houses in the Pirin National Park, and the site of an early ski lift in the lgsos. Skiing at Bansko was then a small-time affair, but it has been subject to some of the most intensive development seen in Bulgaria. New high-capacity ski lifts were built in 2004 using the latest Austrian technology, and this new infrastructure has given Bansko a real boost.The resort now rivals anywhere in Europe, but there are complaints that the slopes can be close to capacity – and that’s without the thousands of new residential and hotel developments in the pipeline.bansko slopes
An extension to the Bansko facilities is under way, and once this is complete Bansko will be an even better place to visit and own a holiday home. A handful of Brits already live here, who in most cases are involved in real estate or the hotel and catering industry. On the edge of old Bansko village a whole new town has been laid out, and building work continues apace. Prices for new-build fluctuate wildly and are normally in the range of €1,000-1,400 per square metre – slightly lower for older properties.
Bansko played a noteworthy role in the historic development of the nation, especially during the Revival period. The historic character of the town can be seen in the unique houses of Banskalii, with their tall pinewood gates and carved-wood ceilings, and in the architecture and the fine iconostases (screens with icons) of churches.The past and present are interwoven in Bansko in a way that is at once distinctive and original.Traditions are preserved and the restaurants {mehanas) serve excellent local cuisine and red wine, accompanied by traditional folklore music at almost every event and social gathering.

Bansko Location

The Pirin mountains resemble the Alpine mountain chain that runs through most of Europe. The mountains take their name from the Slavic thunder god who was said to have lived on Mount Vihren, the highest summit of the range.

Is 3 fitting title, for these mountains are the wildest and most rugged of all ne Bulgarian mountain ranges. The northern ridge close to Bansko has a truly alpine form, with jagged peaks, sharp crests and numerous glacially sculpted cirques and valleys. The mountain range is dotted with long-distance footpaths and allows for a complete north-south traverse from the Predel pass to the village of Petrovo at the foot of the Slavyanka Planina, which takes about a fortnight. The combination of steep slopes and mountain valleys, common for this mountain type, provides the basis for developing trails suitable for winter-sports professionals as well as for beginners.

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