Registering on Arrival as a Tourist in Bulgaria

It is the law at present that all non-EU tourists entering Bulgaria should register within five days at the local police station. EU citizens do not have to register. For the vast majority of tourists who are staying in hotels (whether EU or not), this is done automatically, and you should be given a registration slip when you check out of yout hotel. Occasionally you may be asked for it at the Airport when you leave, and fines of up to £600 have been demanded, though ls is rare. Because the change in the rules is new, it is not impossible that an citizen might be asked for a registration slip, therefore some police stations advise even EU citizens to register.

nessebr nedvijimosti
You are staying in private accommodation or with friends and are not from e should still register. Police stations carry registration forms in both English and Bulgarian.

Long-term Stay Permit

To remain longer in Bulgaria (over three months) you will need to apply for a long-term stay permit. This is obtainable through the local police station. It is valid for up to a period of five years and should be obtained within your three-month right of stay. Arrange for a lawyer, estate agent or specialist company to lodge your application.
You will need to fulfil at least one of a number of criteria listed by the Ministry of Internal Afairs.the main ones being:
• to own a business or company in Bulgaria (the means through which most people obtain their permits to stay).
• to have sufficient funds to maintain yourself.
• to be carrying out studies in a Bulgarian educational establishment.
• to work as an employee for a Bulgarian company or institution. Afterfiveyearsofresidenceyoucanapplyfora permanent stay certificate.

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