Investment Abroad

France and Spain, traditional favourites for British property-buyers, are losing out to a handful of emerging markets such as Bulgaria, Dubai and Cape Verde, a survey shows.The annual global property hotspot report recently released by currency specialists HiFX (2007) puts the shift partly down to a new spirit of adventurousness in British buyers.The emerging markets offer property that is significantly cheaper than in the traditional favourites. As property prices have continued to rise dramatically over the last 12 months, combined with rising interest rates, we have seen the overseas property market open up and become accessible to more of the UK population. There is also a growing interest in more exotic destinations for serious property investors. Overseas property was once simply a holiday home. Now that people focus on where they can make the most returns, they are more likely to look away from the traditional markets to areas of expansion and growth.
Bulgaria remains a popular investment destination, with people keen to invest now it has joined the EU, and enjoys high rates of economic growth.

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