Deciding How You Plan to Use the Property

It is worth thinking about how you will use the property and assessing your purchase against certain criteria for now and the future.

Buying a property in Bulgaria as a Place to Settle or Retire

Your plan to settle in Bulgaria may be for a lifestyle change, or for retirement, or a combination. But a place that is good for holidays might not be the best place to retire or settle. For example, some holiday resorts may be great for two weeks in the summer but empty and unattractive in the off-season. Similarly, new developments can be nice for holidays but if the other residents are holiday-home owners then many homes in the development may be vacant for large parts of the year. If the development is small and well planned into an existing community or town, this may be not a problem. But if it is large and isolated from other homes it may feel a bit unwelcoming at sometimes of year.