The Different Houses

Each of them is designed by a famous architect, and all together they form a residential complex that has no equivalent in Bulgaria – Simeonovo River Park, Inter Bulgarian Properties-Gold’s biggest investment project A UNIQUE VIP VILLAGE at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain is being developed by Inter Bulgarian Properties-Gold – a Bulgarian company with international partnership. The principal shareholder in this development is the Bulgarian company Litos & Co. A unique feature of this complex is the fact that the designs of the houses in it have been assigned to different leading architectural companies. The chief designer and author of the planning concept of the village is architect Julian Piperov from Studio Piperov. He is responsible for the design of the greater part of the houses on the estate as well. Studio Piperov selected and invited some of the best Bulgarian architects to design the remaining single family houses, such as – architect George Katov and architect Vyara Zhelyazkova from I/O Architecture, Architectonika with leading designer architect Dimitar Paskalev, AEDES Studio with leading designer architect Plamen Bratkov, architect Svetoslav Bachev, and architect Borislav Borisov. These are some of the most prominent young Bulgarian architects, winners of prestigious international and Bulgarian awards.

modern house
There are only several projects like this one in the world. The first was built in Stuttgart in 1927. Some of the most popular architects of the 20th century -Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier-designed the Weissenhof Siedlung estate. All the buildings have flat roofs and white plaster. The village became a manifesto for the modernism movement and established the international   style   in   architecture Another analogue to the Simeonovo River Park is the Sagaponack Houses in the Hamptons – the most prestigious resort near New York. The idea for this project came from a private entrepreneur, who entrusted the worldwide renowned architect Richard Meier with the task of selecting 50 prominent world architects, each of them having to design one house. The most popular estate in the Far East is the VIP village, consisting of 11 houses that are for rent, near the Great Wall of China, designed by the most popular architects in China, South Korea, and Japan, as well as Heiry Art Valley – an art centre and residential estate for artists in the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea, designed by architects from Korea, USA, and the Neder-lands.
The construction of the VIP village will cost over 100 million euro.
This means that Inter Bulgarian Properties-Gold is one of the biggest investors in Bulgaria. Simeonovo River Park will be an estate of the gated-community type, situated on a site of 248 000 square metres with a gradual slope of 10 degrees, which v allow the 206 family houses to be situated in an amphitheatre and chessboard form. Thus, there will be minimum overshadowing, and the panoramic view towards Sofia Vitosha Mountain will be preserved. Besides the clean air, the proximity to the mountain, and the sunny slope, Simeonovo  River Park’s location is extremely well serviced – it is close to Sofia’s ring road and Simeonovo’s gondola lift, and assures safety and comfort. The architects from Studio Piper-ov have included something else in the planning concept – orthogonal positioning of the smaller houses along the central alley and landscaping the larger houses along the riverside park, which provides additional comfort and protects the privacy of the separate homes.

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A park will divide the estate lengthwise into two parts, which will allow all residents access to it. River Park offers other attractions associated with city life, so that it can provide a complete living environment, not just a place to spend the night. Atrractions include restaurants, cafes, a recreational area, a kindergarten, playgrounds, a sport centre, a night bar, a supermarket. It is envisaged that a luxury hotel will be built with inside swimming pools and a spa centre, so that residents do not lack anything. All of this as well as the architectural diversity of the buildings make the VIP village unique to Bulgaria. A central alley will connect the two access points of the estate – one from the road to the gondola lift, and the other from the centre of Simeono-vo. There will be three kinds of single family houses: 145 small houses with a square area of 250, 350, and 450 square metres, with sloped roofs, a modern interpretation of the traditional mountain home, designed by Studio Piperov. There will be 45 buildings with living space ranging from 550 to 650 square metres in the VIP village. Sixteen of the largest houses are mansions, with an area of 850 square metres and a swimming pool. An additional  advantage for their potential owners will be the opportunity to choose an architect from amongst six teams, who will design their home according to their requirements. For the comfort and safety of its residents, Simeonovo River Park offers control at access points and central discreet security, a Property Management Company, reading of electricity, water and gas, internet, maintenance of the buildings and the infrastructure, maintenance of the green areas, a sports centre with covered and open swimming pools, tennis courts, a basketball court, a kindergarten for 70 children, and hall for children’s activities.
The houses will be constructed of materials selected to match the climate of the area. Their foundations will be made of steel and concrete, and the walls of bricks. Various materials for hydro- and thermal, insulation have been used.
The modern architectural style is in harmony with the natural geography of the mountain, at the foot of which the village is situated.
Next year Simeonovo River Park will welcome its first residents.

Total area – 248 000 square metres
Total built-up area – 97 000 square metres
Built-up areas for general use – 26 00′ square metres
Roads’ length within the development – over 2000 square metres
Green areas and parks – 130 000 square metres
Walking alleys – 2000 metres
Bicycle lanes – over 2000 metre

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