The Cost of Building Works in Bulgaria

As mentioned previously, the cost of building works in Bulgaria is higher than people initially expect, and prices are set to increase further. What follows is a breakdown of some of the current costs to carry out works in the VelikoTurnovo region. You will find that in other regions, such as Sofia and along the coast, prices will be higher. These prices have been provided by Best Bulgarian Properties Ltd.

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To build a new house in Bulgaria from scratch costs from 660 leva (£300) to 865 leva (£405) per square metre. This includes the structure, windows and doors, heating system, bathroom and kitchens, and all wall and floor finishes. A typical three-bedroom house with open-plan lounge/diner/kitchen and family bathroom, 180 square metres, would therefore cost 119,500-155,850 leva (£58,400-74,000). To this must be added the cost of buying the plot, and design costs amounting to between 3,500 leva (£1,650) and 5,200 leva (£2,500). The cost of demolishing a pre-existing house (around 5,750 leva or £2,700) and the project management company’s fee are other possible costs.

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Most people buying in Bulgaria, however, will be undertaking smaller works such as installing a new kitchen and retiling the floors. Here are some of the typical costs of such works (including labour and materials), again with reference to the VelikoTurnovo region.

•  The cost of laying medium-quality wall and floor tiles is 50 leva (£22) per square metre.

•  To paint walls with two or three coats of white paint is about 2,890 leva (£1,350) for a two-bedroom apartment of 100 square metres.

•  A new kitchen will cost 5,750-11,500 leva (£2,800-5,700), including all of the appliances.

•  A new bathroom with all the fittings including sink, toilet, bath, tiles, boiler, electrics and plumbing costs 2,000-3,500 leva (£900-1,700).

•  The price of installing doors and windows is 215 leva (£100) per square metre. An average door or window would therefore cost around 350 leva (£170).

•  To build a fireplace, expect to pay 2,600 leva (£1,200).

•  Probably the most important part of the house to keep in good repair is the roof.The cost of repairing a roof, including removal of all the tiles, fixing wooden structures, inserting insulation and laying new tiles, is typically at least 5,750 leva (£2,800). If you need to completely rebuild the roof, expect to pay double this amount.

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Bulgarians have a long tradition of using stone in building and you will find many wonderful dry-stone walls defining the borders of many rural properties. These skills survive in the villages and it is never difficult to find workers if you need a new wall built. Avoid going for the cheaper option of breeze-block construction, with plaster and paint; it requires more frequent maintenance and does not look attractive. The average price per linear metre for a dry-stone wall is 215 leva (£100).Typical dimensions would be 1.6m height and 0.50m depth, with concrete foundations of at least 0.50m. To build a stone wall around an average-sized garden of 1,000 square metres (30m by 33m) should cost you in the region of 26,000 leva (£12,500).

new traditional house bulgaria

If you only need a few small jobs to be completed around the house, another way of estimating the costs is to calculate them by time. Semi-skilled labour costs about 23 leva (£11) per day, so if you require three workers for five days of work expect to be charged about 350 leva (£170).These are the costs you should incur if you engage the workers directly – if the workers are engaged through a foreman or contractor, then expect to pay more.

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