Before You Go to Bulgaria

Removal Companies

The logistics of relocating are often secondary in the minds of people who have found their dream home in Bulgaria and are eager to embark on their new life abroad. Careful planning, well in advance, will help to avoid setbacks.

The removal of anything more than a carload of personal effects is best left to professionals. Finding removal companies should be easy enough, but selecting one that will provide a satisfactory international service needs a little more research. In this instance a recommendation from a reliable source is valuable. If you don’t have one, there are a few useful guidelines to consider. Using small local operators who quote lower prices than the more established larger operators might prove a false economy. It is essential that the removals company you use has experience of delivering to Bulgaria specifically, since each country has its own procedural peculiarities at border crossings. Larger companies are more likely to have experience in dealing with these issues. Preferably choose a company that has offices both in Bulgaria and the UK so you have a contact at hand wherever you are. Ideally they should provide door-to-door delivery.