“Super Borovets” project

The “Super Borovets” project is a major initiative for expanding Bulgaria’s oldest mountain and ski resort Borovets. Borovets is situated in the Rila Mountain, only 70 km from the capital city of Sofia and its international airport. The name “Borovets” comes from the word “bor”, which in Bulgarian means “pine”. Borovets is a start point for mountaineers who would like to conquer the highest peak in the Balkan peninsular – Musala, 2925 m.

The “Rila – Samokov 2004” corporation, which are the main investors in the “Super Borovets” project, plan to inject over 350 million Euros in new hotels and infrastructure in the region. In addition Bulgaria’s government plan to build a highway from Sofia to Samokov, the nearest large town to Borovets. This will make the journey from Sofia to Borovets take less than 30 min by car.

The “Super Borovets” project is designed in 3 major stages and includes creation of new hotels, apartment complexes, ski runs and ski devices, as well as a golf field ground in the lower part of the mountain. By plan there will be 100 km of new ski runs and a total of 25 thousand beds in Borovets.

The current number of beds in the resort count to 6500. By plan the new beds in Borovets will be inside small family hotels, holiday villages and apartment complexes.

The first project started on the site is a new lift going from the town of Samokov to the Markudjik ski runs. This will ease the skiers to access the largest ski runs in the resort. Click here for newest properties for sale in Borovets.

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