Self-employment in Bulgaria

Self-employment covers anything from writing to farming. If you plan to be self-employed you will have to ask yourself many of the same questions as someone who is looking for work. Owing to the low cost of living, many people find Bulgaria a perfect place to spend some time and relax, or to work on a dream project. It could be building your own house, writing a book, creating a vineyard or setting up a bar.

cows in bulgaria
As contract and teleworking become more popular, some people are finding it just as easy to work from a farmhouse in the Stara Planina mountains as from a flat in London. One British guy spends six months each year working on oil rigs. The rest of the time he relaxes in Bulgaria and helps his girlfriend run a small interior design shop. Another works on IT contracts in the UK and France and in between spends time renovating his house in the medieval capital of VelikoTurnovo.

Most foreigners working in the rural areas are self-employed. On the whole, finding good long-term employment is unheard of since international firms tend to hire overseas and bring staff into the country. Casual work may be obtained but will be highly variable. Some people work as language teachers or assisting in the various tourist firms and hotels, and some people have even turned up and found work as estate agents.

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