Rural Tourism In Bulgaria – The Hidden Treasures

Bulgaria, a recently discovered popular holiday destination that has become popular due to the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal areas and the winter ski resorts. There are, however, plenty of rural destinations that are as yet completely undiscovered. These places hold many hidden treasures, tempting for those seeking something a little bit different away from the commercialised centres.
bulgarian countryside
The village of Kostenets is one of these hidden treasures, it is nestled in a valley and awaiting exploration. Never heard of Kostenets? That’s no surprise as its not widely known-but it should be!

In Kostenets you can discover the beautiful waterfall that flows all year round. The pretty mountain side church that is used for special prayer is totally idyllic. Located on the perfect spot the surrounding panoramic views of the town, village and Rila Mountains are absolutely breathtaking! The village also boasts an alluring outdoor mineral pool, full of hot mineral water that does wonders for your body, leaving your skin soft and your hair shining. Fabulous after a tiring hike up into the mountains.

Down a hidden twisting path you will find the lake restaurant, with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. It has magnificent abstract wooden carvings, located around the lake, including the majestic bear. On a warm day relax at one of the outdoor tables sampling the local dishes or soothe those muscles in the hot tub!

Then there are all the surrounding villages including Ichtiman, Samokov, Raduil, Belovo, Dolna Bania and Pazardzhik. These towns have much to offer including golf courses, flying school, bustling local markets and good shopping.

So, if you want to visit somewhere like this, where can you stay? Looking for small, family run establishments in a search engine is a good idea, as these type of businesses are more personalised and will take the time to show you the surrounding areas, they will know where all the beautiful landmarks are and will make sure that you have a perfect holiday- sometimes a little extra care makes all the difference!

Submitted by: Debbie Lockhart

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