Rural Areas around Rousse

One of the joys of Rousse is that you are never far from the countryside, and you can get there quickly on roads free of traffic jams. The rural areas around the town are reminiscent of southern England, with rolling hills, scatterings of deciduous forest and wheatfields dotted with tranquil villages. However, fields of sunflowers and vineyards add a more exotic touch than one would find in Sussex. Traditional farmers who use horses and carts co-exist alongside modern farms and brand-new Massey Ferguson tractors.

About 20km south of Rousse is the picturesque nature reserve of Roussenski Lom. Its name comes from the Roussenski Lorn river, which forms a tributary of the Danube. The park consists of miles of amazing wooded valleys and limestone cliffs. Monks settled here in the 12th century to escape modern life, and the park contains a collection of rock monasteries including the UNESCO-designated rock monastery of Ivanovo, which is listed as a World Heritage site for its preserved rock paintings.The rock churches include the rock monastery of Archangel Michael, where visitors can see well-preserved frescoes of Bulgarian 15th-century medieval art.The villages in the nature park are very popular with tourists and property-buyers, offering picturesque nature, breathtaking views and plenty of opportunities for hiking, riding and biking.

monastry near rousse

Some of the nicest villages are in or around the Roussenski Lorn Nature Park, though almost all the villages in the region share similar attractions for property-buyers seeking rural tranquillity. The medieval town of Cherven, the key town of northeast Bulgaria in the 14th century, is particularly stunning, whether to live in or visit. Its recently restored remains reveal the ruins of the fortification walls of the inner town, of the boyar’s palace, the bishop’s church and some of the houses in the main street.There were 11 churches in the town, and many monasteries in the rocks around it. Other villages worth checking are Nisovo, Krasen, Bojichen and Ivanovo.

The entrance of one of the most remarkable caves in Europe-Orlova Chuka-is near Rousse. The cave is 50km long and reaches Romania beneath the Danube. Near the cave there are many villages-Chilnov,Ostrica,Shirokovo and Pepelina -where visitors can see picturesque meanders and canyon-like valleys. Another favourite place just outside town is the Lipnik Forest Park near the village of Nikolova. Here there is a famous pleasure park, splendid lake and forest walks. It is a popular place for the townsfolk to visit at weekends and the nearby village has become popular with property-hunters.

Experience: A Guest House in Ivanovo near Rousse

Allen and Kathy are British residents in Ivanovo village. Kathy tells their story.

‘Retirement was not a consideration when we left Lancashire in 2005 and headed to Bulgaria to meet the coldest winter recorded for many years. Our initial impressions of Bulgaria were quite shocking – the high-rise concrete apartment blocks dominating the cities and towns, the tumbledown buildings and the poor condition of many of the roads left us feeling rather bewildered. However, in stark contrast was the beauty of unspoilt countryside, the tranquil way of life and the hospitality, which left us truly inspired. We now have a guesthouse in the village of Ivanovo, close to Rousse, and are living happily as part of the community.

Allen adds a cautionary note, however. ‘If you are considering taking the plunge,’ he says,’we would offer the following tips. Use a reputable and trustworthy property agent. Carry out a land survey – walls and fences do not always mean boundary lines. After purchasing, consider employing an interpreter-the red tape and masses of paperwork can be quite daunting if setting up a business. If you are renovating your property in Bulgaria you will find many skilled craftsmen around, but don’t only rely on recommendations – ask to see examples of building work. (One friend told us of a radiator being fitted inside her shower cubicle, and a hot-water-flushing loo.) Ask for a contract itemising work to be done and its price. And, most importantly, try and learn a few Bulgarian phrases -few people in the villages speak English.’

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