Pay Off Your Mortgage in Just One Year – Cheap Bulgarian Property

If you have not already heard about the amazing profitable potential of cheap property for sale in Bulgaria, then read on..

It has been proven by many property developers in the last year that 5,000 spent on an initial purchase with some minor modernisation to the building, will at todays prices sell on the open Bulgarian market for around 45,000, Making you approx 30,000 profit from only one property transaction.

Most people these days can afford the expenditure of 5,000 for a second property abroad especially if the profit potential is to secure their financial future or give them that dream second property abroad.
bulgarian coastal properties
If you think this profit margin is unachievable, Channel 5 recently ran a popular property investment programme called buying a property abroad, which followed a property investor from the UK who done exactly what is set out in this article.

He purchased five properties, modernised all the properties over a period of eleven months. This property investor after only eleven months made an astonishing 130,000 profit.

Now if you were to buy four properties of similar size and in similar areas you could look to spend 20,000 . By using the profit made on your first property sold to modernize the second and third property, you could then look to achieve altogether 60,000 profit once sold.

Add on the profit, made on the first property and finishing your long term goal with the fourth property, you could easily achieve 100,000 plus profit in less than twelve months.

Bulgaria as a European state has just been officially accepted into the European Union which will start on January 2007. Behind the scenes of Bulgaria, the property market has been showing incredibly hikes in property prices over the last three years. This is due to inward investment from tourism and many thousands of people visiting the country taking advantage of the incredibly low property prices currently on the Bulgarian market today.

You may say to yourself at this stage, why do not all Bulgarians do this?

Bulgaria is still relatively a poor country at the moment, the average wage is about 250 euros a month. A vast majority of the property being sold in Bulgaria at present is to tourists and foreign investors. This current economic climate is set to change dramatically after they join the EU next year when the average wage level will dramatically increase providing the opportunity for Bulgarians to purchase property through their own Bulgarian mortgage services.

As you can see, the time is right now to get in and reap the profit potential from buying and selling on cheap bulgarian property to tourists, overseas investors and Bulgarians in the near future.

If buying and renovating properties abroad is not your idea of fun, why not consider taking advantage of the cheap Bulgarian apartment prices on the coastal regions and ski resorts of Bulgaria. These brand new, exclusive apartments cost an average of 15,000 upwards with property investment experts predicting these apartments to gain the same profitable margins of the inland property prices by next year of atleast 45,000 by the end of 2007, but without all the hassle of buying properties and modernising them.

Submitted by: Andrew Herbert

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