Cheap Bulgarian properties for sale

This week we are happy to offer you 3 great cheap plot land properties for sale in Bulgaria near the Black sea coast:

  1. agricultural land in Bulgaria

    The first and cheapest plot is 10567 sq m agricultural land, located near a large and well-established village in Burgas area. The property is located 55 km away from the sea coast and is close to a dam lake and a river. The price is only €9,510.

  2. The next property is a plot of agricultural (non-regulated) land, near a village, close to Varna. This cheap land is just 15 min drive from the International Airport of Varna and the area is known for its SPA resort and holiday complex. The plot is located in a fishing area.
  3. The third property is 39 000 sq m of agricultural land at the price of €23,400. This makes this property the best price per square meter we can offer. The land is located in Burgas district.

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