Bulgaria remains the runaway leader in Europe

Bulgaria remains the runaway leader in eastern Europe. The country presently produces an average of 84 per cent return on capital investment, well ahead of Poland in second place. Property in key markets, including Cape Verde, France and Bulgaria, remains profitable for British investors, according to research by overseas specialists Assetz.


“In spite of a continuing slowdown in capital growth across the global property market, it remains an exciting time for investors worldwide,” said Stuart Law, managing director of Assetz, as quoted by AboutProperty.co.uk web site.”It is becoming increasingly possible for buyers to obtain the highest possible returns on cash invested, with the increasingly competitive mortgages available on the market, even in less established locations, offsetting any slowdown in price growth,” continued Law. “Investors now have the capabilities to leverage their money in a way that affords them the chance to take home a significant percentage against any initial outlay. “Countries such as Turkey and Greece are not causing any great waves on the global stage, but still have relatively low entry costs and more realistic long term rates of growth than Bulgaria and Poland, which have topped the table in recent times with rates of around 20 and 30 per cent.”

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