Apartmnets in the Luxurious Districts in the Capital of Bulgaria with Record-breaking Rise of 33%

The studio and one-bedroom apartments have raised their prices with a recordbreaking increase of over 33% in the prestigious quarters in the capital during 2006, the data of the last investigations has pointed to the fact. The biggest increase of property prices of above 52% is indicated in Borovo district. At present the prices of the one-bedroom brick apartments vary between 682 and 1174 EUR per sq .m.

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According to statistics during the last year small residences in the central Sofia streets has raised their price with nearly 15%, as in the beginning of 2007 the average offer prices reach 1050 EUR/sq. m. The property searching in this part of the capital is quite big at the moment. One -bedroom properties are purchased for offices but recently most of the owners have turned them into residences, which they rent as hotel premises acquiring better return income, brokers shared. Big rise of over 46 % of the studio and one-bedroom apartments for the last 12 months record the statistics also for the prestigious quarter of Iztok. The offering there is low .At the moment only three one-bedroom apartments of 50 sq. m. total area each are offered for sale, situated in the new building against Interpred building, for them a price of 63 000 EUR, 1260 EUR / sq. m is announced.

In the neighboring quarter of Dianabad prices of the small apartments are traded between 875 1250 EUR per sq. m. The cheapest offer is for an estate of 40 sq .m. area at the price of 35 000 EUR .The most expensive one at the price of 75 000 EUR is offered a residence of 50 sq. m. with expensive design furniture.

Despite the central part of the capital, prices of one-bedroom apartments are above 1000 EUR per sq .m. One of them is Geo Milev district, where this type of properties has raised in price during the last year with mostly 38 %. Presently prices range between 852 1174 EUR per sq .m. For the most expensive estate the price is 59 500 EUR while for the cheapest 34 930 EUR.

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