Security, Crime and the Police in Bulgaria

Crime levels in Bulgaria are very low, which is a major attraction for people visiting and moving to Bulgaria. In many rural areas in Bulgaria the crime rate is practically zero. There is no ‘yob culture’ problem as encountered in Britain. Crimes against the person are rare, and women should feel safe travelling alone, though it is sensible to take precautions similar to those you would take elsewhere.

Organised crime and the Mafia create a bigger problem, and the Bulgarian government has taken steps to try to address it. Fortunately people involved in this activity are generally easily identified and avoided. They dress in suits and their henchmen tend to be large ex-wrestler types; they often drive large 4×4 vehicles (often German models, and black), and tend to frequent regular venues, so you should pretty quickly get to know the places to avoid. Walk away from any encounter with such people who operate outside the law.